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 Reece Bretherton

Reece’s first involvement in amateur boxing was when he witnessed the respect and fair play of boxers competing against each other, both before and after their contests, regardless of the decisions. That was back in 1961.

He then joined Chorley Boys Club as an assistant coach, serving under the tutelage of the late Paddy Henry for several years.

He then took over as coach and qualified via courses at crystal palace and Twickenham sports centres, as full coach then as Advanced coach, I resigned the latter position due to family commitments having two young children but continued running Chorley Amateur Boxing Club, the East Lancs Region, North West Counties and his country as one of the England schoolboy coaches.

He has been with squads to Denmark (1984), Russia (1995 and 2000) as coach and team manager plus home internationals. When the uk regions were reorganised he decided to relinquish his position and spend more time at club level.

Whilst no longer in his prime, his enthusiasm and respect for the sport and participants still drives him on. His admiration for the club members is as high as ever for they give of their all without question.

He is confident that the current Chorley Amateur Boxing Club coaching staff will continue to produce champions in the future as we have in the past, teaching what is still regarded as “the noble art of self- defence”


Michael Graves

Michael started coming to the gym because his son Lee, wanted to box, after a few weeks he started to get into the sport. Reece took notice and asked him to help out in the gym, eventually Michael was asked to become a coach as he grew with experience. He had no idea that he would become so attached to coaching.

Michael finds it beneficial to himself and incredibly rewarding, especially when the lads win in competitive contests and the hard work has paid off.

As we get different characters and troubled lads coming in, Michael finds that it is our job to help them, no matter who they are and with this they get self-respect, discipline and respect from people outside the gym, therefore making them better people.

Michael does this because he thoroughly enjoys and loves the sport even though his son has retired from boxing. Over 20 Years later, he is still here.


Zbigniew Magdziarek AKA. Spig

Spig first became involved with Chorley Boxing Club in 1972. He took the coaching exam in 1974 and stayed with the club until 1985.

Due to his young family and work commitments, Spig took a break from boxing but in 2008 he retook his coaching exam and returned to the club as a coach.

He does it for the love of the sport and feels like he is contributing to the community by occupying the young kids and most importantly, he enjoy watching them succeed.                      


Irshaad Desai

Irshaad boxed for Chorley Amateur Boxing Club from 2006 to 2009, amassing 14 Bouts, 9 Wins, 5 Losses and 1 Stoppage. Throughout this time, he developed mentally as well as physically, the skills he had learnt so many years ago still help him today 

Irshaad was offered the opportunity to Coach after he stopped boxing. The pull of the sport was so strong, shortly after he completed University he returned to the gym to coach, he now supports the boxers in their struggle to be the best version of themselves.

Irshaad qualified as a Coach in January 2016, he finds being a part of the development of young boxers an incredibly rewarding experience.

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Criminal Background Check 

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Attended Child Safeguarding 



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Emergency First Aid 

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